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We currently offer one on one mentoring programs for people who want to make a living in one or more of the following professions: Direct Response Copywriter, Product Launch Manager, Marketing Strategist, Joint Venture Broker or Media Buying And Campaign Manager.

In all of our professional programs we will work with you until you get your first client — guaranteed.

Basic Marketing Strategist and Joint Venture Brokering

The Basic Marketing Strategist & Joint Venture Broker Mentoring Program is an entry level 1 month one-on-one mentoring program for people who are interested in direct response marketing, but are not entirely sure where to start.
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Professional Direct Response Copywriter Mentoring Program

Being a copywriter puts you in charge a lot of times. You can make a business work from scratch, if you have this knowledge. It’s nice to work for clients, but it also comes handy when you want to start your own business.
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Professional Campaign & Product Launch Management Mentoring Program

Professional product launch management is a combination of copywriting, marketing strategy and campaign management. This 9 month mentoring program is recommended for people with good managerial and operational skills.
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Professional Media Buying Campaign Manager Mentoring Program

Professional media buying campaign management is a combination of online salesmanship, copywriting, visual taste, marketing strategy and campaign management. This 5 month mentoring program is recommended for people with a solid understanding of marketing, and a familiarity with numbers and data.
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Professional Joint Venture Brokering & Affiliate Manager Mentoring Program

Our professional Joint Venture Broker & Affiliate Manager is our “flagship” 3-month mentoring program that also entails a long-term relationship with us. It’s the most selective mentoring program that only a few individuals are accepted into every year.
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