“I Have A Brilliant Business Idea — All It Needs Is A Good Marketer”

The other day I was talking to a guy who’s convinced he has developed technology to replace oil in the world by a fluid that he knows how to get out of a tree that basically grows everywhere on the planet.

If he succeeds we’ll all be pouring this new energy source into our cars without having to modify the engines or run out of energy sources ever again. And the best part – the harmful emissions in the exhaust are about 20% of the oil based energy sources we are currently using.

Now if you’re enthused to read about that, you’re right. It’s as brilliant as ideas get, and coming from a biotech engineer I actually believe the guy may have something that can actually work as well. So I got worked up about it.

I scheduled a chat with him for a few days later, and drove all the way to meet him. The potential was staggering! I was so eager to hear more about how it all worked, and how he wants to set the business up!

And I think I would probably be in business with him now, had he actually bothered to appear at the meeting. And not only was he a no-show, but he was also not answering messages, and didn’t even bother to cancel.

Now maybe it’s just me but I just like to surround myself with people who do as they say. Things just work better for me that way.

So if someone can’t keep a simple appointment and doesn’t even bother to cancel – it’s not someone I want to be in business with, no matter who they are. You don’t get to come back from that.

That is ONE example, of someone who has a brilliant idea, but as far as a business person, I don’t believe they will be successful unless they transform their attitude.

To me this story also points to a core problem with the whole “I’ve got a brilliant idea” thing.

And that is: there are just so many people out there with brilliant, brilliant ideas, and a lot of times even solid small businesses, with decent income because the idea is so good it just works almost by itself.

But there are so few people who know how to really sell things, and to build scalable businesses on that knowledge!

So… Do you have a brilliant business idea? All it needs is a good marketer and maybe someone who is good at operations?

Great. Me too. In fact I have several every day.

An idea itself is of no value unless you know what to do with it, and will actually do it. Reliably, consistently, and doing what you say.

Even the worst ideas can be scaled into very large businesses by great operations and marketing. But no great idea is worth anything by itself.

With that said, sometimes we are actually open to partnering up with some people who have great ideas AND a track record showing great operational skills.

If you’re ready to implement and all you need is marketing strategy, funnel implementation and media buying to scale – then we could be the perfect fit. We might even invest in your business. But it’s not every day that an opportunity like that comes along.

We are however always open to collaborate with great people who do as they say and have good operational skills, experience and track record.

If you’re one of these people and are looking to start a new business, we will even go as far as giving you great ideas to choose from, that only need operations. Just get in touch by going to this page and scheduling a chat with me.


As an established expert in many genres of online direct response marketing, Ben has worked as a strategic consultant, copy chief, PPC campaign manager and Product Launch Manager for some high profile direct response clients in 21 different countries.

Having worked on campaigns with New York Times bestselling author Robert G. Allen and success expert Brian Tracy, Ben personally wrote Standard Operating Procedures on campaign management and media buying based on $500 million worth of advertising spend.

He became a marketer after managing a private intelligence firm for over a decade and being Director of Security at LogMeIn, Inc. in his previous career. Ben’s strengths are lead generation, PPC consulting, marketing audits, sales funnels, strategic planning, product launch management and deal-making.

He has a strict, pragmatic attitude to managing campaigns and could be best described as an absolute perfectionist in everything he does.