Product Launches, especially ones that involve video sequences, are usually projects that last several months and require a large amount of resources and commitment from the client.

As an established expert in many genres of online direct response marketing, Founding Partner Ben Racz has worked as a strategic consultant, copy chief, PPC campaign manager and Product Launch Manager for some high profile direct response clients in 21 different countries including Robert G. Allen, Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield.

Having been part of very large product launches, he knows the intimate details of what a product launch needs in order to be successful.

This includes proprietary knowledge on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and language patterns, Sleight Of Mouth based objection handling and sales scripting, and Jeff Walker style product launch management at it’s best.

To understand the details involved in these kinds of campaigns, please click here to download his Product Launch Strategy Mindmap.

If you schedule a chat with him, he’ll also be happy to share copy angles, more mind maps, and details on how such campaigns work, including the resources you need to commit in order to make your launch successful.



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