Professional Media Buying Campaign Manager Mentoring Program

Professional media buying campaign management is a combination of online salesmanship, copywriting, visual taste, marketing strategy and campaign management. This 5 month mentoring program is recommended for people with a solid understanding of marketing, and a familiarity with numbers and data. This mentoring program was created based on $500 million dollars worth of ad spend. The Adops Team currently sells 2 million plane tickets every year. We will share a lot about how we do all this with the participants of this mentoring program.

With this course we give you a professional semi-automated prospecting & CRM & sales follow up system for a month.

You will come out of this with knowledge of how and where to look for clients and how to select them, advanced knowledge of how to manage a media buying campaign and what our processes are in terms of tracking, technical implementation, setup and quality assurance processes throughout media buying campaigns are.

What’s more is you’ll also learn how professional media buyers think, in terms of coming up with sales angles and ad copy, creating ads and structuring and mapping out sales funnels.

We go into marketing strategy in terms of sales funnel creation and set up live campaigns using several different traffic sources.

We share the best practices regarding general media buying, direct buys, and programmatic campaign management including Adwords and Facebook.

This course is not only about clicking away at the traffic source. We’ll also teach you to think in terms of big picture strategy and sales funnels, and you will also receive mind maps about sales angles and creatives.

The standard curriculum of this mentoring program is personalised and adapted to your existing knowledge and is approved by you before paying your tuition.

Not only that, but you also get an opportunity to use our consulting & copy strategy mind maps that we ourselves use to impress our clients.

It usually includes some or all of the following:

– Media buying processes,
– Coming up with the right sales angles,
– Setting up & technical implementation of tracking pixels,
– Retargeting and “untargeting”,
– Campaign optimization processes,
– Managing mass market campaigns,
– Programmatic media buying campaign management,
– Direct buys,

… And dozens of more important knowledge points.

If you’re interested in the mentoring program, click here and schedule a session with me so we can discuss your personal curriculum and see if we are a good fit for each other.