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  • Do you need help with your traffic?
  • Would you like to convert more traffic, and make your ad spend go further?
  • Are you looking to enter a new market or scale your existing business by generating more leads?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you’re at the perfect place. I’ll explain in a moment… but first, here’s 3 valuable gifts for you. Make sure you download them right now.

Traffic: The “Big Picture”

What makes a traffic campaign successful?

My name is Ben Racz, and as a Founding partner and media buying campaign manager for, I’ve created Standard Operating Procedures (or SOPs for short) based on US $495 million of ad spend to date.

Missing out even one or two of these elements can blow a big hole in your campaign, and drain away your ad budget. We’ve learned the hard way, so you don’t have to. Download and follow this map!

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Complete Media Buying & Campaign Management Process Map

The Smart Way To Buy Media And Traffic

This is something I’ve never shared with anyone who wasn’t a JVBroker client. But in order to give you a little background on what's involved in media buying and campaign management, I’ll give this one to you free of charge as well.

It’s my “Media Buying Methodology” mindmap.

It’ll give you ideas on how to do research for your campaign, as well as ideas and angles for targeting traffic that your competitors haven’t thought about yet.

Click Here To Download The “Media Buying Methodology” Mindmap.

Want Higher Conversions?

Of course, traffic conversion is the key to getting more bang for your ad buck. It can literally make or break a campaign.

This is where your Marketing Strategy plays a crucial role.

At, we’ve been privileged to work with some of the largest players in Direct Response Marketing.

I want to share with you an overview of the marketing strategies we developed for them, and the results.

To give you some background, first take a look at what Brian Tracy has to say about me personally:

We also helped Robert Allen, America’s #1 Millionaire Maker and New York Times Bestselling Author of several books including “Nothing Down Real Estate” and “One Minute Millionaire.”

Bob had already made over $450 million from CPA based marketing. Could I improve on what he was already doing? Watch the video below:

Let me show you my Product Launch Management Mindmap that I took him through.

It gives you the “big picture” on how to manage the launch of a product. It can be easily adapted to suit most types and sizes of business, and to go from where you’re at right now.

Click the image below to grab the Product Launch Management Mindmap

Set Up A Free Strategy Call So I Can Help You Personally

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For example, right now’s Ad Ops team sells over 2 million plane tickets every year. Collectively we have sold tens of millions of seats using these methods in recent years - and airplane bookings are just one example of one of the products we sell. We use “wholesale” traffic sources including programmatic RTB media buying and other state of the art online advertising methods to help businesses scale.

Due to the high volume, the visitors from these traffic sources can get very cheap and very highly targeted. But it’s almost impossible for "retail advertisers" to get access to them, because they come with prohibitive minimum monthly spends.

That’s where you may be able to take advantage of JVBroker’s buying power and access to state of the art online advertising technology. We can help you lower the cost of your traffic, and give you access to fresh traffic sources to scale up your business.

That’s just one example of how I could help. Let’s schedule a meeting, and we’ll talk more!

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Ben Racz is a Founding Partner of He works as a media buying campaign manager & product launch manager, coach and strategic consultant.

As an established expert in many genres of online direct response marketing, Ben has worked as a strategic consultant, copy chief, PPC campaign manager and Product Launch Manager for some high profile direct response clients in 21 different countries including Robert G. Allen, Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield..

He became a marketer after managing a private intelligence firm for over a decade and being Director of Security at LogMeIn, Inc. in his previous career. Ben’s strengths are lead generation, PPC consulting, marketing audits, sales funnels, strategic planning, product launch management and deal-making.'s services include strategic consulting, campaign management, coaching & ad operations, implementation of testing & tracking systems, conversion optimization, campaign management and product launch consulting.

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