Ben Racz & Rob Konrad

The Founders of

Our founders look like whipper snappers but they have etched up a combined 26 years in the industry. They oversee the dealmaking, sales, creative and consulting processes of all our projects, helping to maintain our high standards.

As an established expert in many genres of online direct response marketing, Ben has worked as a strategic consultant, copy chief, PPC campaign manager and Product Launch Manager for some high profile direct response clients in 21 different countries.

Having worked on campaigns with New York Times bestselling author Robert G. Allen and success expert Brian Tracy, Ben personally wrote Standard Operating Procedures on campaign management and media buying based on a very large amount of advertising spend.

He became a marketer after managing a private intelligence firm for over a decade and being Director of Security at LogMeIn, Inc. in his previous career. Ben’s strengths are lead generation, PPC consulting, marketing audits, sales funnels, strategic planning, product launch management and deal-making.

He has a strict, pragmatic attitude to managing campaigns and could be best described as an absolute perfectionist in everything he does.

Ben’s personal website is at

Rob is a business development / business performance expert with a long-lasting background in direct response marketing.

As an entrepreneur, he has founded several companies in various industries. Building the first European direct-to-customer high-quality pet food subscription business, he not only grew a previously unheard of idea into a 7-figure business, but was also nominated for the Swiss Marketing Award.

As a performance improvement consultant for the leading big 4 professional services company, he has helped billion dollar multinational companies in the automotive, life sciences and government sector grow and optimize their business and has led them through transformative change.

Originally from Germany and now living in Switzerland with his family, Rob Konrad is one of the most knowledgeable, easy-going and creative Joint Venture Brokers. He believes in connecting with people, building relationships, and giving away tremendous amounts of free value to build credibility and goodwill for long-lasting business relationships.