The Ugly Truth About Your Beautiful Website

One of the most important things a direct response copywriter learns at the beginning of their career is to leave their ego at the door.

You write something, you put it out there and the market decides.

Opinions don’t matter. Design doesn’t matter. Personal tastes don’t matter.

The only thing that matters is results.

And because of that, at the end of the day, even if you have the most beautiful award winning website… statistical probability says your business is only achieving 5-25% of what it could do if you hired a professional marketing strategist to plan things out for you, and a professional copywriter to write it.

And not only that, but your business is actually likely to fail on the long run if you don’t fix it.

To understand why, let’s take a look at how most marketing is created.

What most business owners do is very similar to going out on the market, finding a random group of builders, and saying “Hey guys! Would you build a house for me?”.

Of course they would. And then they do. And then it blows, and you don’t understand why.

Well let me tell you why: because you never hired an architect to plan a house in a way that it makes sense for what you’re going to use it for!

And guess what… The same thing happens when you go out to a person who “makes websites”, or when you go and hire a “copywriter” directly, to “write some copy” for you.

Most of these people have no idea about marketing strategy… So you’ll end up with “a website” that looks good, or “sales copy” that sounds good… but the odds are stacked against you when it comes to sending traffic and making an actual campaign work.

Which is why most campaigns I see end up being

  1. much more expensive than they have to be, and
  2. much less effective than they could be.

And that kind of thing will stop you from scaling your business at one point or another.

The Trap Of “But It Works”

Make no mistake – even though it wasn’t planned out by a strategist, your marketing might work on some level.

It looks good and sounds good, so the market may confirm there is some demand.

But depending on how much demand is there for whatever it is you offer, you probably areleaving most of the money on the table.

Obviously in some cases packaging doesn’t matter. Even the most disgusting bottle of water is going to save your life when you’re in the desert.

But in case the crowd is less hungry (or thirsty), you’ll have a serious problem convincing them to drink out of a bottle that doesn’t appeal to the eye. Especially if there are people offering well packaged bottles on every other corner.

To make a long story short, the level and the quality of your packaging will affect the ratio of the sales you have versus the amount of people who see your marketing. And the higher the quality of that packaging, the

  1. More bang for your buck in terms of ad spend,
  2. The less “hungry” the market needs to be,
  3. A wider audience will find it appealing, and
  4. The less costly and professional your sales process needs to be to close the sale.

So what I suggest is avoiding going to the builders first. Avoid going directly to copywriters or to website creators. They’re just tools, after you have a planner, or a strategist telling them exactly what to do and how to do it… then give feedback on what they did.

The reasons above are the reason why I’ve had several clients double their business in 12 months once they brought me on board. And it’s not just micro businesses either. 🙂

Because to create marketing that works at scale is not the question of clicking a WordPress site together and pasting some good-sounding copy on it. To do that well is important, but it’s fairly cheap, simple and easy to learn.

What’s really important is to first figure out what to say, how to say it, when to say it and who to say it to.

Otherwise you can end up with some really expensive problems that you don’t know about… Until the right marketing strategist comes along and shows you some of the ways your ad spend could’ve been spent more efficiently.

If you would like to have a strategy session with me you can book one right here. On this page you can also grab some of the blueprints and mindmaps that will show you the exact step by step process we take some of our clients through in our sessions.

In the meanwhile, here’s to your success,



As an established expert in many genres of online direct response marketing, Ben has worked as a strategic consultant, copy chief, PPC campaign manager and Product Launch Manager for some high profile direct response clients in 21 different countries.

Having worked on campaigns with New York Times bestselling author Robert G. Allen, success expert Brian Tracy, and Chicken Soup of the Soul creator Jack Canfield, Ben personally wrote Standard Operating Procedures on campaign management and media buying based on $500 million worth of advertising spend.

He became a marketer after managing a private intelligence firm for over a decade and being Director of Security at LogMeIn, Inc. in his previous career. Ben’s strengths are lead generation, PPC consulting, marketing audits, sales funnels, strategic planning, product launch management and deal-making.